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25 MAR 2017 Agent 126 0


[:en] “Of all the unexamined assumptions and criteria upon which we base and gauge our daily lives as human beings on planet Earth, by far the greatest and most profoundly unquestioned is the instrument and institution known as the Gregorian Calendar.” Jose Arguelles “Thirteen Moons in Motion” The 13-month, 28-day alternative has been in use […]

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22 MAR 2017 RuBen Llinas 0


[:en] Understanding Calendars: “A calendar, any calendar, is commonly understood as a system for dividing time over extended periods. A day is the base unit of a calendar, and the solar year is the base extended period. The length of the solar year is currently reckoned at 365.242199 days. The Gregorian calendar divides this duration […]

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22 MAR 2017 RuBen Llinas 0


[:en] The UN-tried Solution “This idea of calendar change is so simple and yet so revolutionary that most people do not perceive its power.  But when you consider that virtually all existing institutions are incorporated in the Gregorian calendar, this means that their sovereignty is also incorporated in it. To change the calendar means to […]

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22 MAR 2017 RuBen Llinas 1

BE AWARE of the “Ides of March 15” and the Gregorian Calendar

[:en] NS1.29.9.9 KIN191 (11.9) “The superior person sets the calendar in order and makes the seasons clear” I Ching, hexagram 49, Revolution Today is March 15th, 2017 on the gregorian calendar, the current global civil standard system to measure time on Earth.In the Roman calendar, March 15 was known as the Ides of March. The history […]

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15 MAR 2017 RuBen Llinas 1

Natural Calendar 2016-2017 FREE Download

[:en] “It is of utmost importance that the knowledge of time as the 13 Moons in motion be disseminated through all media and education systems of the planet as rapidly as possible, and that the Gregorian calendar be relinquished as soon as possible. Once humanity is operating on the correct standard of time, it will […]

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19 DEC 2016 RuBen Llinas 5

Change the Calendar. Change your Mind. Change the World.

[:en] NS1.29.5.22 – Overtone Moon 22, KIN 92 – 1Human Year of the Blue Spectral Storm Tuesday, December 6th, 2016   Declaring the End of Artificial Time and Shifting from Fear to Love We are at an evolutionary crossroads on Earth. 2016 has been a year of mass awakening around the planet… From the “new cold war 2.0” between […]

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08 DEC 2016 RuBen Llinas 2

(Español) Referéndum del Calendario 2020 y Declaración Universal de Paz Mundial

[:es] NS1.29.3.23 – Luna Eléctrica 21, Kin 37 – Año de la Tormenta Espectral Azul Miércoles 12 de Octubre de 2016 DÍA DE LA RAZA ~ 524 Años de la llegada de Cristobal Colón a América ~ El Consejo Global para la Concientización del Calendario (CGCC), una plataforma autónoma educativa y cultural, trabajando en colaboración con la Fundación […]

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06 DEC 2016 RuBen Llinas 0

Calendar Referendum and Declaration of First World Peace

[:en] NS1.29.3.21 – Electric Moon 21, Kin 35 – Year of the Blue Spectral Storm Monday, October 10th, 2016 INDIGENOUS PEOPLE’S DAY (COLUMBUS DAY) ~ 524 years from the arrival of Columbus to America~ The Global Council for Calendar Awareness (GCCA), an autonomous educational and cultural platform, working in collaboration with the Foundation for the Law of Time […]

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14 OCT 2016 RuBen Llinas 7

The New Sirius Cycle and its New Standard Time Notation

NS. Kin 34 White Galactic Wizard PCU KIN 53 “The rotation period of small Sirius B around big Sirius A is 52 world years. During the time of the Hierarchical Order, since the direct Cosmic Currents used to fall directly on the orbit of your planet, Cosmic Awakening used to correspond mostly around these ages […]

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09 OCT 2016 RuBen Llinas 0