Let’s Define Time, Natural Time, and Feminine Time

Let’s Define Time, Natural Time, and Feminine Time

They are all one and the same. And they have been stolen from us quite intentionally.

According to the ancient Maya, time is the universal factor of synchronization.
Time is simply that which holds everything in space in perfect synchronicity, which means, the same time. We take this for granted and call it time. When we are in tune with nature or each other, we call it harmony, and this is also synchronicity, which are basically experiences of natural time. And we despise time when we are not in harmony with nature, which is natural time. Of course this is usually the case, so we have grown to hate time, and any construction that has anything to do with it, such as clocks and calendars.

But we are not in harmony with time because of the timing standard to which we are too accustomed, namely the 12:60. It’s our current societal timing frequency, the combination of the 12-month irregular Gregorian calendar and the 60-minute hour. This is what we call artiJicial time. Our society is coordinated by it. This is not our choice.

13 months per year of 28 days each fails to disrupt the natural flow of human consciousness, because it is in harmony with each human’s own biological nature. In simple terms, when you know the day of the month, you know the day of the week, while your 28-day month is in harmony with the Moon and the feminine cycle of creation. Even population control would ease.

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  • Derryl Thomas Holmes
    Thursday October 13th, 2016 at 01:36 AM

    I believe this, for it is the true and Divine, Natural language of time, it is The Creation Step ‼❤

  • sirgentransgender92
    Monday September 18th, 2017 at 05:08 PM

    gregorian calendar disturbs the menstrual cycles of assigned female people and its making their periods so irregular. do you think gregorian calendar should be replaced?