NS. Kin 34 White Galactic Wizard

“The rotation period of small Sirius B around big Sirius A is 52 world years. During the time of the Hierarchical Order, since the direct Cosmic Currents used to fall directly on the orbit of your planet, Cosmic Awakening used to correspond mostly around these ages {52-year cycles} … (The Knowledge Book, p.287)


As we update this entry is October 4, 2021 and marks the completion of 439 YEARS since the END of the Julian calendar on October 4, 1582. This anniversary is synchronizing TODAY with the START of the NEW dispensation of time KIN 34 8 Wizard on the 260-DAY Tzolkin count.

This day marks the START of the Dreamspell Count, initiated by Jose Arguelles~Valum Votan and Lloydine Burris~Bolon Ik on KIN 34 White Galactic Wizard, July 26th 1987, exactly 48 Tzolkins/Galactic Spins ago. 

In other words: Today marks the completion of 48 Tzolkin cycles since Ground Zero of Galactic Time and the START of the 49th Tzolkin cycle of 260 DAYS that will conclude on the Solstice Point of June 21, 2022 on KIN 34!

This milestone is also of SPECIAL harmonic significance as it is taking place during the 34th YEAR of the current 52-YEAR Sirius cycle. Why is this relevant?

KIN 34 marks the ALPHA Point/START of not only the current 52-year Sirius Cycle, but ALL future Sirius cycles. How is this?

“The 52-year Sirius Galactic Wizard cycle will be the new basis of establishing a cyclic measure or count of cosmic time. The first Sirius cycle began 7.26 1987, Kin 34 White Galactic Wizard, and the second will commence exactly 52 years later. The date N.S. (New Sirius Cycle 1, year 51, day 364) will be followed by the Day Out of Time, (year 51, day 365, 52 years complete—year 2039 old count). Then will commence N.S. Kin 34, White Galactic Wizard (New Sirius Cycle 2, year 0, Magnetic Moon 1). “Galactic Wizard” is the name of the recurring cyclic order of Timeship Earth 2013, establishing a perception of galactic timelessness. In adjusting to this new measure of time, the human mind will unloose tremendous amounts of hitherto repressed psychic energy to be channeled into the establishment of telepathic technologies and the focused collective effort of transforming Earth into a work of art.”
~ José Arguelles “1000 days to 2012


“It is evident, that the 13 Moon/28 day synchronometer is the perfect instrument for synchronizing the 52-year cycles, because it synchronizes perfectly with the 260 day fourth-dimensional timing gauge to create a 52-year permutation cycle. 73 x 260 days = 52 x 365 days = 8980 days = 52 years = one Sirius B rotation around Sirius A. The 52-year Solar-Galactic cycle is actually the Sirian cycle. This has many implications, as it sheds light on why the Galactic Maya introduced the 52-year cycle—as a means for attuning the human consciousness to the higher vibrational frequency and channel of the Sirius Council.


NEW SIRIUS CYCLE 1 (1987-2039) Source: www.lawoftime.org

As with all the historical methods and religions, the high level of the Galactic Mayan call was not maintained, and so in 1987, a new dispensation had to occur. Just as The Knowledge Book is meant
to supersede though not invalidate the Quran, so the new Galactic Mayan dispensation, called Dreamspell, was meant to supersede but not invalidate the traditional Mayan calendar or Long Count, which, by this time, was no longer utilizing the 52-year cycle.

Interestingly, a major prophetic cycle of 22 of the 52-year Sirian cycles was concluded in 1987. This prophetic cycle ran from AD 1843 to 1987. The conclusion of this prophecy cycle— 13 Heavens and
9 Hells—signaled the moment for a new dispensation of time. Hence, with the Dreamspell and 13-Moon / 28-Day calendar, the New Sirius 52-year cycles have their beginning point on July 26, 1987, and run ad infinitum into the future, preparing the human mind with a new time consciousness for the Golden Age.

The July 26 synchronization date of the new calendar, commemorated for a time in the Chilam Balam tradition, was revealed as the natural point to begin the new dispensation, because in early times it registered the day when Sirius was conjunct with the rising sun. In the Dreamspell, the 52- year cycles are also called Solar-Galactic cycles. Now, that signification has more meaning because it registers precisely the orbit of Sirius B around Sirius A in synchronization with the solar-lunar cycle of the 13-Moon / 28- Day synchronometer. By following the new 13-Moon / 28 Day measure we are elevating our minds and bodies to be in solar-galactic synchronization with the consciousness of the Sirius Council as it is simultaneously registered in the orbits of both Sirius B and our planet.

From all of this, we conclude, among other things, that 52 is the number of the Sirius code—which is also why there are 52 weeks in the year. The 52 weeks (heptads) are a fractal of the 52-year cycle. This, of course, also references the importance of the number 7 in relation to the 52, as the week is a 7-day cycle, and the 7 originally referred to the 7 days of creation. 52 x 7 = 364 + = 365 x 52 = orbit of Sirius B. As we know, in the new calendar the 365th day of the year is the “day out of time”—no day of the week or month at all, and, therefore, the perfect day to celebrate love, tolerance universal forgiveness and the principle of time is art. Since this day always falls on July 25, we may also say it is the day to celebrate the dawning of fourth-dimensional Sirian consciousness on Earth. This is preliminary to entry into cosmic civilization set to occur after 2013″.


13 Moons:  a Sirian Timing Program

“As a solar-galactic calendar with a July 26 synchronization date based on the heliacal rising of the star Sirius, the 13 Moon Dreamspell calendar is ultimately a Sirian timing program. (See graphic below: New Sirius Cycle).

In this way, the 13 Moon calendar and tools of the Law of Time are intended to entrain our third-dimensional being into fourth- and fifth-dimensional Sirian wisdom, or the realization of the supermental superhuman.” ~Stephanie South

“By placing itself in the measure of the 13 Moon/28-day synchronometer and its precise 52-year/orbital ring cycles, the human is synchronized to the Sirius double universe star cycle, lifting it into a truly galactic-cosmic consciousness and order of reality.” — Valum Votan

13 Moon Calendar: Key to Alternate Universe

Updated on: October 4, 2021 [NS. Kin 34 White Galactic Wizard] 
48 Tzolkin cycles completed from Ground Zero of Galactic Time (NS1.